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In Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi, there are "KOTO" that you can experience, play, and learn about nature. We have two types of programs, the "KOTO" program that you can experience events and the "Park creating supporter" that you can experience creating the park. In the "KOTO" program, Park club, local organizations, and Osaka Prefectural Government are planning a program that utilizes the nature and charm of the park. In Izumisano, there are springs with refreshing fresh greenery, summers with cool shades of thickets, autumns with insect concerts, and winters with various waterfowl. We have prepared a program where you can experience the four seasons of Izumisano.
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As "Park creating supporter", you can become a member of the Park club for only one day and experience activities such as road making, crafting, nature observation and plant management.
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Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi is also used for activities in the park by companies and universities, excursions and environmental education. Please contact the Park Center for details.

<How to participate in the "KOTO" program>
To participate in each program, you need to apply in advance by telephone, fax, or inquiry form. Please use either method to specify your name, age, address, and contact information before applying. However, depending on the program, the required items, application deadline, and contact deadline may differ. Please be sure to check the details of each program before applying.

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