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Join the Park Club

About Park club

Park club is a volunteer organization that collaborates with Osaka Prefectural Government to create the park. We share the theme and philosophy of Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi, and promote activities to "connect people and the park" through the creation of park and the planning of events and programs. The members of the Park club think about "what they want to do" and "what they need", aiming for the park that, everyone can enjoys himself. We are working on activities.

About activities

● Research activities
We are conducting research activities on animals and plants in the park, such as trees, birds, insects, and mushrooms.

● Square-building and road-building activities
We create open spaces and walking paths, maintain them.

● Agricultural activities
In the rice terrace, we are engaged in agricultural activities such as rice cultivation and sweet potato cultivation.

● Craft activities
We are engaged in craft activities such as making bamboo charcoal and making birdhouses and tree boxes.

● Park PR event
We hold a PR event to let the citizens of the prefecture know about the park's efforts.

● Study session under expert guidance
We invite experts to hold study sessions on animals and plants.

● Exchange meeting with other organizations
We aim to improve the skills of our members by interacting with other park volunteers.

To become a member of Park club

You need to take the Park ranger training course to learn safety knowledge and manners of creating the park. When we hold a training course, we will inform you on this homepage.

Voice of Park club Members

Representative, Kazushige Kuzumi

Representative, Kazushige Kuzumi

Park club celebrated its 10th anniversary in August 2020.
"Let's make a road here", "Let's plant cherry blossoms here", "Let's increase the number of bamboo lilies", "My child will be happy if we have such an event", etc. We continue to our activities while discussing.
You can do the activities you want to do at your own pace and you can enjoy yourself, and make the visitors happy. That is " Park Creation of Park Club ".
Why don't you realize your idea of creating a park in Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi? Park club is always waiting for you.

Deputy representative, Yutaka Kokado

Deputy representative, Yutaka Kokado

Ten years ago, I attended the Park ranger training course because I wanted to move my body rather than build a park.
At first, I cut bamboo, then cut it, and it was a never-ending bamboo cut. Thanks to that, I was able to move my body enough.
However, the park is still in the process of being built.
Please come to the Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi, which is full of nature. We also look forward to your participation in various events and Park club activity experiences.

Executive director, Toshiyuki Nasu

Executive director, Toshiyuki Nasu

I would like to create a green space with local residents where various people gather, various creatures live, and learn and enjoy themselves.