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About Dairinkai.

"Dairinkai" is a Kansai-based corporate group established after participating in the " International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990". "Dairinkai" is engaged in activities and support to revitalize Osaka with flowers and greenery. "Dairinkai" donated tents, warehouses, high-speed carbonization furnace, and supports operating funds for Park ranger training courses for Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi. In addition, Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. has donated heavy machinery, and Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd. has donated a warehouse.

Construction companies
Asahipen Co., Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd., Iwai Cosmo Securities Co., Ltd., Ace Ltd., Espec Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd., Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd., Obayashi Corporation, Ltd. Okumuragumi, Kaneka Corporation, Kyoei steel Co., Ltd., Kansai future bank, Ltd. Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd. Kinden, Ltd. Kurimoto, Ltd. Konoikegumi, Kowata Co., Coca-Cola bottlers Japan Co., Ltd., Shikibo Co., Ltd., stock company Shimano, New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd., Sekisui House, Ltd., Senshudengyo Co., Yo Izumi Kogyo Co., Ltd., Sojitz Corporation, a large cross sectional Co., Ltd. SCREEN Holdings, Takara Standard Co., Ltd., Takara Belmont Corporation, Tatsuta Co., Ltd., Chugai Ro Co., Ltd., Tokai lease Co., Ltd., Toyo Tech Co., Ltd. Torishima Mfg., Co., Ltd. Nippon Shokubai, Nihonkisogijutsu Co., Ltd., Nomura construction industrial Co., Ltd., Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., a non-destructive inspection Co., Ltd., AIG insurance Co., Fujitec Co., Ltd., Fuso chemical Co., Ltd., Murata length Co., Ltd. Morigumi, Ltd. Yamazen, Ltd. Yamada Holmes, Yanmar Holdings, Inc., Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co., Ltd., stock company Yodogawaseikosho, Ltd. Resona bank, Rohm Co., Ltd. (52 companies / 2020 of June)

Support for creating park

For 10 years from 2008, "Dairinkai" has supported a total of 200 million yen. For example, holding Park ranger training courses, raising seedling greenhouses, and mowers for volunteer activities.

Power ChipperPower Chipper

Mini wheel loadersMini wheel loaders

Fast carbonization furnaceHigh-speed carbonization furnace




Support for regional revitalization

One of the basic principles of Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi is "creating a park that is useful for regional revitalization." We are receiving support from "Dairinkai" to realize this. For example, we provide flower seedlings grown in the park to a lot of public spaces in Osaka Prefecture.

Kansai International Airport (Passenger Terminal Building 1st floor)Kansai International Airport (Passenger Terminal Building 1st floor)


Keihan Nakanoshima line Oe Bridge StationKeihan Nakanoshima line Oe Bridge Station

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