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Highlights of the park

Izumisano hilly green space, rich and beautiful natural encounter location. The delicate terrain workings of nature has created over the years, and reservoirs, such as Mukai ponds and Taniguchi pond, wooded area found the nature of the relationship and the people, such as the rice terraces has spread. In addition to various kinds of birds and insects can be seen, Yuri Sasa and bayberry, is a variety of plants such as wild cherry tree adorned the four seasons of the park.

Three of the important of the park

TAISETU1.To cherish the landscape and environment The charm of terrain and scenery in this land we cherish promoting the park building for a long time.

Rich nature is full

Osaka prefectural Izumisano The aim is hilly green space, the reproduction of the beautiful hilly landscape, a typical example of which is the culture inherited terraced rice fields of Nesho day in along with the history of Izumisano (Hineno quotient). Conservation and utilization of the terrain and the natural environment, performs a reproduction of forests, pull out trees, the water, the charm of the landscape plan land originally have, such as the countryside to the maximum. In addition, such as ponds and woodlots, along with the protect the plan area of the natural environment, reuse and thinned wood, pruning branches that occur in the process of park development, such as conducting environmental learning for children, park development that was also friendly to the environment it is the.

A number of natural Osaka prefectural Izumisano hills green spaces show us a variety of facial expressions for each season. ※The day root Zhuang ... Izumisano medieval era, was known as "Izumi country Date Nesho". This is derived from that land of Izumisano the US manufacturing as a manor of Kanpaku Kujo who has been actively carried out.

※ "day root Zhuang big tree of the rural landscape" is, in 2013 October, was selected in Osaka Prefecture's first important cultural landscape.

TAISETU2.Make together with local people and companies Osaka prefectural Izumisano hilly parkland, Park club and Osaka Prefecture have to plan and manage the park building together.Events that inviting the local residents we are also on a regular basis.

People in the community is a big success!

Osaka prefectural Izumisano is one of the most of the features of the hilly green space, the fact that the park to build together with local residents. Schools and local industry, in cooperation with companies and various organizations we are promoting the park building. Development and regional greening of various activities programs, welfare, people training to be active in community development, such as the base formation of the tourism network, we aim to "park development that also serves to the activation of the region".

Group of companies "large-flowered Board (large coastal)" had you agree with the spirit of the building green spaces including, we are promoting a "green building to grow and humic" while We also your support to a number of companies.
>For large-flowered Board is here

TAISETU3.Continue also to make forever From the manufacturing of the park, to the things development that meet in the park.Even if the times and society background is changed, as a place which is also loved by humic foreverWe have developed a manufacturing scenario type of park.

In place, which is also loved forever

To allow the fun park making people involved in the park, and the future of each rule and activities location of the activities to be the scenario of park development to promote the park development while discussions with everyone. Once also review fixed rules, many times modified if necessary. By people who understand this rule is to expand the activities in the park, we will spread more and more the circle of programs and activities. With the times, while changing the appearance along with the region, we aim to park to continue to make indefinitely to meet the needs of humic.

Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Professor Emeritus Noboru Masuda teacher

Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Professor Emeritus Noboru Masuda teacher

When the Middle Ages, "day Nesho" and called they were Izumisano hilly green surroundings, has a history background that manor US manufacturing has been actively carried out. That was planned with the aim to reproduce the historical and cultural landscape typified by rice fields and ponds, is the Osaka prefectural Izumisano hilly parkland. The land to tell the day history of root Zhuang now on the stage, now, humic and Osaka Prefecture has promoted the park development Hand in Hand. The important thing is, while changing the shape this activity with the times, that it's park also continue to create forever. Among the rich fruitful landscape, through the activities, while involvement era and regions, people and people, we hope that nurtured continue.

Noboru Masuda (Noboru Masuda) teacher
Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School Professor Emeritus. Plant Factory Research Center. It specializes in landscape architecture, Landscape Architecture, urban planning studies. Former Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture chairman. Osaka Prefecture, including Sakai City, served as a member of the city administration. 2013 Izumisano hilly parkland Governing Council president than fiscal.

"Thing" map

'Thing' map

※ As a general rule, other than the garden path and the square is off limits.

In Izumisano hilly green space has been planned and held a variety of "things" programs that take advantage of the rich nature of the park. Since it has issued a "thing" map for the content of the "thing", or you'll get in the Park Center, will be displayed and printed from the "thing" map download below, please refer to your freely.

"Thing" Map Download