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Park Highlights

Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi is a place where you can meet rich and beautiful nature. Nature's activities have created delicate terrain for long time. There are ponds such as Mukai Pond and Taniguchi Pond. And there are coppice and rice terraces where people and nature are related. You can see various kinds of birds and insects there. In addition, various plants show case four seasons of the park. For example, there are bamboo lilly, bayberry, and wild cherry tree.

Three of the important of the park

TAISETU1.To cherish the landscape and environment The charm of terrain and scenery in this land we cherish promoting the park building for a long time.

Rich nature is full

Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi aims to recreate the beautiful hillside landscape such as rice terraces that inherit the culture of Izumisano called Hinenosho. We utilize the terrain and the natural environment while preserving it. We will regenerate the forest. And we will maximize the attractiveness of the landscape. In addition, while protecting the natural environment such as ponds and forests, we also consider the environment by reusing thinned wood generated in the process of creating park and conducting environmental education for children.

The many natures of the Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi show various expressions every seasons.

※Hinenosho:Izumisano was called "Izumi no Kuni Hinenosho" in the Middle Ages. This is because the land of Izumisano was actively cultivated as a manor of the Kampaku Kujo family.

※"Rural landscape of Hinenosho-Ogi" was selected as the first important cultural landscape in Osaka Prefecture in October 2013.

TAISETU2.Make together with local people and companies Osaka prefectural Izumisano hilly parkland, Park club and Osaka Prefecture have to plan and manage the park building together.Events that inviting the local residents we are also on a regular basis.

People in the community is a big success!

One of the biggest features of Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi is that created together with the local people. We create park in collaboration with schools, local industries, companies and various organizations. We aim to create a park that is useful for revitalizing the region. Therefore, we are working on the development of various activities, regional greening, welfare, community development, and tourism networks.

Many companies who agreed with the purpose of creating green park are supporting "creating green spaces to grow with the citizens of the prefecture". The representative group is the corporate group "Dairinkai".
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TAISETU3.Continue also to make forever From the manufacturing of the park, to the things development that meet in the park.Even if the times and society background is changed, as a place which is also loved by humic foreverWe have developed a manufacturing scenario type of park.

In place, which is also loved forever

We are creating the rules of activities and the future image of each place while discussing. This is the scenario, for the people related in the park to enjoy creating the park. We review the rules once we have decided and modify them as many times as necessary. We aim to be a park that will continue to be created forever while meeting the needs of the citizens of the prefecture while changing with the times and the region.

Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Professor Emeritus Noboru Masuda teacher

Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Professor Emeritus Noboru Masuda teacher

In the Middle Ages, the area around the Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi, which was called "Hinenosho," has a history of active rice as a manor. Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi was planned with the aim of reproducing the historical and cultural landscape represented by rice fields and ponds. In this place with the history of Hinenosho, the citizens of the prefecture and Osaka Prefectural Government are currently collaborating to create this park. What is important is that this activity is changing with the times, and This park will continue to be created forever. I hope this park will continue to grow through activities in a rich landscape, while interacting with time and region, people and people.

Noboru Masuda
Honorary professor of Osaka Prefecture University. Director of Plant Factory Research Center, Osaka Prefecture University. Specializes in landscape architecture (green space planning) and city planning. Former President of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture. He has served as a member of the council for city administration, including Osaka Prefecture and Sakai City. Chairman of the Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi Management Council from 2013.

KOTO map

'Thing' map

※ As a general rule, other than the garden path and the square is off limits.

In the Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi, various "KOTO" programs that take advantage of the rich nature of the park are held. As for the contents of "KOTO", KOTO map is issued, so please obtain it at the Park Center or display and print it from the KOTO map download below, and feel free to view it.

KOTO Map Download