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Would supporters

To "create continue to" park-Izumisano hilly green space with people, regions and companies of Osaka Prefecture, and participate in the "things" program, in addition to be planning a "thing" program on your own, there is more variety involved. I have you agree with the concept and philosophy of the park, is also a form of support activities as supporters variety. Everyone warm your support, thank you for your cooperation.
Currently, we have received the support of more working capital corporate group, Dairinkai .

About Dairinkai.

Dairinkai, it was established in the wake of participation in the ""Osaka International Garden and Greenery Exposition"", a corporate group, which is based in the Kansai region, carried out the activities and support to activate the local Osaka with flowers and green in many places you have. The Izumisano hilly green areas, tents and warehouses, in addition to the high speed carbide furnace, such as the operating funds of the park ranger training course, we have received a variety of your support.

>For Dairinkai is here