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Support the park

Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi is the park that the citizens of the prefecture and companies continue to create together. You can join us by many ways, such as participating in the "KOTO" program or planning your own "KOTO" program. If you sympathize with our concept and philosophy of the park, you can support for our activities by various way. We look forward to your warm support and cooperation.
Currently, “ Dairinkai” which is the group of companies is supporting the operating funds.

About Dairinkai

"Dairinkai" is a Kansai-based corporate group established after participating in the "The International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990". "Dairinkai" is engaged in activities and support to revitalize Osaka with flowers and greenery. "Dairinkai" donated tents, warehouses, high-speed carbonization furnace, and supports operating funds for Park ranger training courses for Izumisano kyuryo ryokuchi.

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